Only the best conditions

Using only the latest technology to mining Bitcoin, is constantly evolving, we can always provide its users only the best conditions of earnings.

The history of creation

Blitz-Script started its activities in 2013, 4 years after the appearance of the first cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. Then our company consisted of six people and we had 20 cars for 6 video cards with a total capacity of 60000 MHz. Gradually we have expanded your farm, installing more new equipment, but after some time came to light the special miner machine, the so-called ASIC miners.
They were built on a special ASIC chips, and unlike a regular GPU (o T(graphics processor) has been specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency. These machines very quickly could calculate SHA-256 hashes for high power mining Bitcoins. They are in 1000, and even 10000 times was faster than normal video cards.

At the end of 2016, the company completely switched to the ASIC device, and the old video cards sold, beating a small portion of their value. Our farm is equipped with modern appliances and two-level cooling, which ensures long machine health.

Why are we the best?

Blitz-Script step-by-step development from the very beginning of establishment, the company constantly improving and expanding its mining-farm, trying to keep up with the leaders. Now we offer our customers a very inexpensive cost for the lease capacity.

The unique design of the farm, quality equipment and a two-level cooling will allow you to spend the least money on electricity and hardware maintenance. Thus, we are able to pay tenants high interest rates, which in our opinion the most important thing.

The constant growth of power

To always stay in formation, our farm is gradually evolving, adding more modern equipment, and developed new cooling.

Continuous monitoring

Our analysts constantly monitor the cryptocurrency market and follow the latest trends that would always be at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions.

Maximum convenience and functionality

Our website is made so that each user STU and comfort to use our service.

1. Convenient

Easy to use interface allows you to quickly perform the necessary actions.

2. Simple registration

For greater convenience of our customers, we have simplified the registration process - this process will take no more than a minute.

3. Constant monitoring

In the dashboard You can constantly monitor the statistics their accounts, financial transactions and profit growth.

4. Availability

For ease of financial operations we provide several payment systems to choose our clients.